One Student’s Summertime Saga: Kayla Cardeccia

“Summer was good!”

When chatting with Kayla Cardeccia, a senior in the Education Program, she shared the thrilling stories of her adventurous summer. Whether she was traveling up north to the Upper Peninsula, or hitting the high seas on a luxurious cruise, Cardeccia spent her summer days connecting with family and spending some much needed and appreciated time with her dog, Enzo.

Over the summer, Cardeccia traveled with her family up north to Mackinac Island, where she took part in day trips exploring the islands splendor. While on one of Cardeccia’s adventures she was tracking the trails at Oswald Bear Ranch, and came across the rare opportunity of being able to pet a bear cub. Later in the summer, Kayla ventured a bit south and was able to relax with her family on a Florida cruise.  The excitement continued for Cardeccia, when over the summer when she celebrated her 21st birthday.

While not sailing the seas, petting bears or hiking the hidden trails of Tahquamenon Falls, Cardeccia said she spent her time babysitting and planning for her upcoming senior year. Being a member of TEACH, Cardeccia spent part of her summer coming up with events and activities for her fellow TEACH peers. She said this year is very special year, as she sits on the throne as president for the TEACH organization in the Education Program. This is her fourth year as a TEACH member and she is looking forward to taking part in the ‘Welcome Back’ meeting.

This year Cardeccia is also looking forward to taking part in her practicum class for educators. This semester Cardeccia is expected to spend 100 hours at Onsted High School, observing and helping her corresponding teacher, and later she is to take center stage to teach a total of five lessons to the students she will be working with.

While outside of the classroom, Cardeccia will return to the soccer field, however, this time she will assume the role of the Strength Coach.

“As strength coach, I will be helping with the mentality aspect of the game; creating more positive thoughts and helping them along their long journey,” said Cardeccia.

Cardeccia’s senior year will prove to be an inspiring one. Her overall dedication to helping others is beyond admirable. Her devotion to Siena Heights University shines through her actions by encouraging and supporting others. She is a prime example of what living the SHU mission is all about.