Netflix Original “What Happened to Monday” Gives Viewers a Thrilling Two Hours of Entertainment


The Netflix original “What Happened to Monday” was released on Aug. 18. The film stars Noomi Rapace, Willem Dafoe and Glenn Close. It was directed by Tommy Wirkola and has a runtime of just over two hours.

The movie begins in the year 2043. Earth is overpopulated and food is scarce. The government has implemented a one child rule, and if a family has more than one, the child is taken by the Child Allocation Bureau. Once the child is taken they will be put into “cryosleep” and they will be woken back up once the Earth’s population decreases to a stable amount.

In this same year, Karen Settman gives birth to septuplets, but dies during the delivery. Her father, Terrence, played by Dafoe, decides to raise the children and does everything he can to hide them from the government. He names each of them after a day of the week and the children can only go outside of their apartment on the day that their name is. Terrence has them all portray the same identity outside of the apartment. This is how they keep hidden from the government because if the government finds out they are siblings, six of them will be taken by the Child Allocation Bureau.

Fast forward 30 years, and all seven women are still portraying the same identity. But after work, Monday goes missing and the six other siblings then go and try to find out what happened to their sister. The movie takes a series of twists and turns and follows the siblings as they discover things about their sister Monday and also about the dystopian society they live in.

Rapace did a great job playing all seven of the sisters. Acting as one character is difficult enough, but playing seven is a challenge that Rapace handled with ease. Close plays the cynical Nicolette Cayman, who is a candidate for parliament and is the head of the Child Allocation Bureau. The acting throughout the movie was consistent, and all of the actors worked well together and had a good on-screen chemistry.

Overall, “What Happened to Monday” was a suspenseful and entertaining Netflix original. Sometimes Netflix originals can be hit or miss, but this film is definitely worth watching.