SHU Fly on the Wall: Week 9

SHU Fly on the Wall: Week 9

Question of the Week

“Would you rather be the most intelligent or the most athletic?”

Kalah would rather be intelligent because she thinks you can do more with it. For example, you would already know the secret of how to play sports. She also said, “you could take over the world.” The first thing she would do is create a time machine so she can travel back in time to test out of school. That way she wouldn’t have to go. Then she would become a millionaire.










Even though Lexi is majoring in Education, she would choose being the most athletic over intelligent. She said, “being athletic can take you farther in life, but it’s also a good way to be social and become famous.” She said it would make her a more well-rounded person because it offers more. The sport she would play is volleyball.












Chris would choose intelligence over athleticism because “I hate dumb people.” He said being smart lasts a lifetime and you can always benefit from it in some way. The first thing he would do is start a multi-billion dollar company so he could make a lot of money.














Elizabeth is another education major, but she would choose intelligence. Her goal in life is to teach and help people and being the most intelligent would help her accomplish that.














Julia would choose athleticism. She has always loved playing sports so continuing to do that would help her stay active and she would also enjoy it. She said, “having a sport for a job would be awesome!” She would play volleyball since she’s always liked it and since she has played before. It wouldn’t take a lot of effort and it would be fun.












Derek would choose intelligence. He said being intelligent would just make things easier. You can figure things out easier and you would already know basic things. He would choose this over being athletic because if you were intelligent you could already have sports figured out and you could choose to play or decide to coach instead.