REVIEW: Grand Theft Auto V

REVIEW: Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is a game like no other, and I really do mean it. When I was told about this game, I thought it was just another racing game, but I was wrong. When I first played the game, I was completely lost for words until I finished the game’s prologue and began the campaign.

The world of this game is a virtual reality of Los Angeles with the various streets and areas but renamed. In this game the city is called Los Santos. The campaign takes you through a series of missions that are divided be campaign missions, strangers and freaks with three different characters.

The main characters you get to play as are Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Phillips. Franklin is the first character you start with after the prologue working for a car dealership as a repo man with his friend Lamar Davis.

Franklin is much calmer than Michael and Trevor. His calm personality is often displayed during missions where he keeps his cool while completing the tasks at hand, and when he is forced to act as a peacekeeper between Michael and Trevor when they argue during hangouts and missions.

Michael is the second character you unlock after a repo mission with Franklin goes wrong. Michael’s personality is that of a man who his family is fed up with until he is reunited with them later in game. Michael’s life before coming out of retirement was being a bank robber and pulling scores (heists), and a while after meeting up with his old friend Lester he then comes out of retirement.

Finally, the third character you unlock after completing your first heist in campaign is Trevor Phillips. Trevor is no Franklin, but compared to Michael, he’s worse, even though he’s Michael’s closest friend. Of the three criminals, Trevor is by far the most dangerous because he acts likes a psychopath with a vengeance, being prone to violent outburst and being completely unpredictable.

Before Michael changed his last name to De Santa, it used to be Townley, back when he pulled bank robberies with Trevor, but when Trevor learns that Michael is alive after living in Sandy Shore on the outskirts of Los Santos, he becomes angry. If I had to choose a favorite character of the three, I wouldn’t be able to make a choice because they’re all fun to play as.

The story missions the game has to offer are considered to be fun, especially since at the end of each mission you earn a bronze, silver, or gold rating depending on how many hidden objectives you achieved during each mission. The same applies for the Strangers and Freaks missions, even though they’re side missions. The best missions in the game are the heists because you earn money from completing them. The heists that I like in game are the Jewel store job, the Paleto Bank robbery and FIB raid. There are only a few mission where Trevor, Michael and Franklin are a team and to be honest, those are best missions in this game.

Some of the free things you can do in this game are blowing up cars, carjacking, getting caught in police chases, stealing an airplane, participating in street races as Franklin, set up hang outs, or even by a business of your own to make money.

One of hardest thing I did in the game was steal a fighter jet from a military base as Trevor. What made this free task so hard was finding a fighter close by and taking off at the right height, so I didn’t get shot down by a heat seeker missile or getting blasted by a tank., but still it was fun.

One thing I noticed when watching YouTube videos of this game is that some people were raging on it when playing online. Sometimes I got a frustrated myself while playing the campaign, but I didn’t go into rage mode, otherwise I would be making myself look stupid. The graphics and effects in this game make the city of Los Santos a reality.

Overall, this is a game that many people should play because it’s like the real world with some added twists. And for those wanting to take a vacation in LA, they’ll be able find some of landmarks used for the game.