REVIEW: Bionicle Heroes

REVIEW: Bionicle Heroes

Building with Legos was fun for me to do as a kid, especially when Bionicles were created. Bionicle warriors built from a new type of Lego called Lego Technic, which is a line of Lego interconnecting parts and plastic rods. These Legos can be used to build better models that are more complex than the old fashion brick to brick models. The parts in this series allow the models to have certain upgrades that are hand controlled. In this series the Bionicle’s are warriors that you can build with weapons you can control.

These models became a big inspiration to creation of story books and many other things. My favorite creation from the Bionicle’s was the video game Bionicle Heroes. It’s a 3D third person shooter video game that was released November 14, 2006 and was one of the first video games I played when I got my first xbox360.

When I started this game, I was beyond amazed. The warriors I played as and fought against were some of ones I collected and built before. The game brings to life the most powerful and exciting LEGO characters ever seen in one game, in an action-packed world of adventure and discovery. Your part in this game is to take control of a young hero as he steps out of the real world and into the strange and dangerous universe of Bionicle.

The game has 28 levels which 25 are unlockable and 3 that have to be bought with the points you score and 19 bosses total. The story of the game begins with your character emerging from a Toa pod on the shore of an island called Voya Nui which has been invaded by an evil group known as the Piraka. There are seven Pirakas total and six of them controls one of six different zones of Voya Nui.

You need to defeat those six in order to face off against the seventh Piraka, which is the leader. Defeat him and retrieve the power that granted Voya Nui peace, The Mask of Life. The heros you play as in game are six different warriors called the Toa Inika with granted powers by their masks you’ll always find them in each zone. The names of the heroes are Jaller, Nuparu, Hahli, Hewkii, Kongu, and Matoro.

Jaller is the fastest, but the weakest. He can walk over lava and has a buyable upgrade that allows him to burn down passage blocking vines. Naparu is the slowest, but quite powerful. He can climb walls and cliff faces. His upgrade is an ability that allows him to dig up certain treasures. Hahli has the power to cross streams and rivers, and once upgraded she can manipulate water based contractions and doors. He speed is medium, and her weaponry works well with long range attacks.

Hewkii is just like Naparu. He’s strong, but slow, and he can assemble normal contractions from various Lego pieces scattered in each level. His ability upgrade allows him to bring down certain walls to obtain extra points.

Kongu is the second fastest behind Jaller and has a medium strength, his buyable upgrade is a gust ability that can bring down certain barriers, open certain gates and activate certain contraptions. He has the power to leap across certain gaps marked by green landing pads. His weaponry is most effective with short range attacks.

Matoro has the ability to zoom in on targets from far distances and once upgraded he can freeze water in certain places to form path ways.

The levels in this game are each constructed the same way, but with different surrounding. The six zones have four levels to complete and each is filled with a ton of Bohroks, Visoraks, and Vahki’s to beat.

The first level of each zone is fighting your way to battle a member of the Rahkshi and don’t underestimate them the staffs they fight with are powerful. The second level is to obtain the sphere of each Piraka.

The third level is to battle one of six titans recruited by each of the Piraka, and like the Rahkshi, they’re just as powerful. Finally, the fourth mission is you facing off against the Piraka boss of that zone.

The most important power to keep in mind as you play each level is your hero mode ability. Above your score counter is chain that lights up gold as you obtain Lego pieces and once the chain is fully lit up, your hero’s body turns gold activating hero mode.

In certain spots of each mission a pile of gold Lego pieces will appear. Activating hero mode is the only way you can construct. These hero mode constructions are vital to your missions because in these areas, they need to be constructed in order to advance further in the level.

As for the for the battles with Rahkshi, titans, and Piraka bosses the hero mode constructions are used to deplete their heart points until, they drop their shields during the fight and as for the Piraka spheres, theirs a hero mode to gain access to all of them in almost each sphere mission.

The Piraka names are Vezok, Reidak, Hakann, Avak, Thok, and Zaktan. Their leader’s name is Vezon and controls a powerful creature named Fenrakk.

After you beat each Piraka and obtain their head, Vezon and Fenrakk show up to try and stop you. Each time they show up, you need to keep shooting Fenrakk until they choose to retreat. Once you defeat the six main Piraka, you then get to face off against Vezon and Fenrakk one on one in a lava chamber and you must defeat them to obtain the mask of life.

Once that’s done, Voya Nui is saved and you can then continue to play the game until you collect all the gold and silver canisters, and unlock all the trophies.

If you’re bored of playing the zone levels, purchase the attractions for the Piraka Playground and build, them. Once that’s done you can activate the signal horn at one of the attractions and a Piraka will come to use it.

Some attractions are for one Piraka, some for two and some for three. The three buyable levels are also located on the playground as well. The good thing about beating this game is that you’ll be able play at Vezon and unlock the passages that he can open as well as the Piraka passages and make sure you upgrade the hero’s ability’s fully.

Playing this game was really something, and you should give it a try. If you have a console the game will work on, then give it a try. From the one of the citizens in beginning cutscene in the game, “You must track down and defeat the Piraka to return Voya Nui to peace. Use the power that the masks will grant you to save Voya Nui.”