COLUMN: Antonio Brown Does It Again


Antonio Brown has been in the headlines of the National Football League for the past couple of weeks.

This past offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers general manager and head coach Mike Tomlin decided to trade Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders after Brown went on an interview and spoke on how he felt about the organization. When reporting to Raiders training camp in August, Brown showed up with frostbite on his feet from a recovery chamber, which led him to missing time with the team.

When Brown returned he attempted to practice with the team but with a helmet that the league has banned. Brown chose not to practice with the team until he pled to the league on why he needs that helmet. Later, the Raiders then fined him for missing mandatory meetings and workouts with the team, which led to Brown requesting to be traded.

Well, that evening, Brown agreed to sign a one year deal with the New England Patriots. I think what Brown is trying to do is show athletes that’s in the league that they are in control of their career and to not let people take control of their career.

I also believe when Brown got to Oakland it wasn’t what he thought it was so he had to do something to get out of his contract with them. I think the Patriots is a good place for Brown to be, reason being is they will let Brown be himself.

I can say that I expect Brown to help the Patriots win another championship. Alongside Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman, Tom Brady will enjoy throwing the ball this upcoming season even more.

Hopefully the Antonio Brown drama is over.