COLUMN: Jamal Adams Hit, Fine An Example of ‘No Fun League’


On Monday night the Cleveland Browns faced the New York Jets in a football game. Both teams added new pieces to their team this past off-season.

Late in the game Jets safety Jamal Adams was penalized for a late hit on the quarterback. When watching the game the hit that he laid on Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, it did not appear to look like it was that hard of a hit. The Browns went on to win the game, with those extra yards from that flag helping. Tuesday morning Jamal Adams was fined $21,000. I think the NFL is doing a bad job of trying to make the game of football too safe.

It’s getting to the point where quarterbacks can’t even be hit, even it it’s by a mistake. Something need to be done. The fun of the game is being taken away and players aren’t able to play the game of football that they played that got the NFL to where it’s at in the first place.

Hopefully some of these rules will change or else players will continue to be fined and suspended from games.

Something needs to happen ASAP.