Centennial Edition: Siena Heights’ Most Unique Sport


The new Siena Heights Legacy Room shows that Siena Heights over the years has had many sports added.

Last year, SHU had a new first time sport added to the program. This sport is very unique and different than all of the other sports at Siena Heights. This new sport is called Esports.

Siena Heights was actually one of the first universities to add Esports to its athletic department. President Sister Peg Albert believed that having an Esports team will not only bring opportunities for new things at Siena, but it also brings a new group of different types of students to Siena, making the campus more diverse.

Basically what Esports is is a group of individuals playing a video game against another group of individuals, and both groups are trying to win. The proper term for Esports is “competitive gaming.”

Siena also gives scholarships to these students to play a video game. The Siena Heights Esports team competes with other universities in a match, and there is even a playoffs depending on how far they go.

Their matches are kind of like a tournament-type event. Also, the Esports team doesn’t have every single video game. They play only a few games at the moment. One of the games that the team plays is called League of Legends, and it is almost like a witchcraft type of game.

One interesting thing about the Esports team is that on their roster they have their name, number and their gaming name. A gaming name is a name that the athletes pick when they are gaming. So, for example, any time one of them gets a kill or does something good, that name will pop up on the screen.

It seems like parents were wrong when they said “your not going to accomplish anything sitting and playing video games all day.”