Centennial Edition: Legacy Room a Lasting Reminder


The Legacy Room is located in the Siena Heights Library. It is full of history and tradition that goes back more than 30-plus years.

The majority of the room is wrapped in back and white, which is what gives it that vintage feel.

It is easy to see that there were a lot of time and effort put into this project. Each sport has at least one picture or small description about the program.

The Legacy Room also pays homage to former athletes who stood out among everyone else. For example, there are some interesting facts about the football program that most people don’t mention. In 2010, Siena Heights President Sister Peg Albert held a press conference where she announced that the University was starting up a program. That is also when she announced Siena Heights’ first football coach, Jim Lyall.

In the near future, it is easy to see that the Legacy Room will continue to expand as time goes on. This is big for the University. It also shows past and present students of Siena Heights that it is possible to leave a legacy on this campus in some kind of way.