COLUMN: NCAA Transfer Rules Need to Change


The NCAA has always received flack about the transfer rule when it came to student-athletes wanting to go and play at another college.

The rule was that if a player decides to transfer, they would automatically have to sit out a whole school year before being able to participate in any athletics.

Over the past two years, the NCAA has changed the rule to where a player can transfer as long as they have a valid reason for wanting to transfer schools.

There has also been an adjustment to the redshirt rule in football. If a player isn’t playing as much as they feel, or if they are going through a tough situation, they have the right to sit out that season as long as they haven’t participated in four or more games.

I believe this rule is a game-changer for college athletes, and we’ll start to see more players entering their name in the transfer portal as the years go on.

I believe that the adjustments that were made by the NCAA were very smart and helped a lot of student-athletes put themselves in positions to go to better situations. I think the NCAA will continue to make adjustments as long as the student-athletes’ demands change.

This is a starting point to improving college athletics.