COLUMN: Lamar Jackson Redefining NFL Quarterback Play


Lamar Jackson is a quarterback from Pompano Beach, Fla. Coming out of high school, Jackson wasn’t highly recruited. But with an offer from University Of Louisville, Jackson was able to make his mark.

In his sophomore year Jackson won the Heisman Trophy after beating out many other good players. Next year, Jackson was a finalist for the Heisman once again. Leading up to the NFL Draft, Jackson was one of the most talked-about players. Most analysts predicted Jackson being a wide receiver in the pros. After appearing in just a few games last year at quarterback, Jackson is now looking to be the future of the Baltimore Ravens organization.

Coming into the 2019 season, Jackson has shown that he has gotten stronger, faster and that he is ready to play. He has made his mark on the league by getting a signature win against the New England Patriots.

I think Jackson will become one of the best quarterbacks to play the game. He has the ability to run, pass and and control the clock. If I were to compare Jackson to any former players, it would have to be Michael Vick. It is clear to see that the upside on Jackson’s career is amazing, and as long as he continues to work, he’ll only improve.

Jackson has done a great job at shutting the “haters” up with his play on the field. He is only 21, and has much more time to improve on his game.