COLUMN: Positive Thinking for Finals


As Siena Heights University nears the end of its Fall 2019 semester, students across campus are scrambling to find the motivation they need to give them that last push through finals week.

While motivation comes in many forms, mental health and motivation are arguably the most overlooked, yet most important, determinants of a successful semester.

Many times, when planning out a schedule or crafting a plan for productivity people often overlook the importance of incorporating downtime. Balancing work and leisure helps to regulate stress and avoid procrastination.

Devoting time in one’s schedule to the things that they find enjoyable, whether it be spending time with friends, playing video games, or even sleeping, is a good way to avoid spending too much time either working or playing.

The act of visualizing success is also a useful way to help students see themselves through to the end of the semester. Creating visual cues, like vision boards, sticky notes, or motivational mantras nearby are a great reminder of one’s goals and aspirations. Often times, brains get cluttered and confused with all of the information that students try to store in them, so, having a planner or a calendar nearby helps to prioritize and organize information.

Keeping a clean space helps to minimize mental clutter. Buying organizational tools to tidy up the backpack or living space goes a long way towards getting things done. Knowing exactly where things are, and having room to breathe helps reduce stress.

However, this varies from person to person. Some prefer cluttered spaces while they are doing work. The point is to ensure that one’s physical space is reflective of a positive mental space.

The company that one keeps around them is also a vital factor in success at school.  It’s easy to get attached to the wrong crowd and drift away from responsibilities. Keeping positive, like-minded people around is the key to staying on track.

Last, but certainly not least: remember to live in the moment. Many students waste time wishing for the next thing to come about, but the reality of the situation is that there will always be a struggle.

The most important thing is the moment that is being experienced in the present. Some may say don’t wait for the storm to end, dance in the rain!