COLUMN: Time Management Advice Offered


It’s that time of the semester. Final papers, final projects, and final exams. The end of the semester can be an overwhelming time for students as they rush to finish everything. It’s a time where students try to cram in every assignment to get it in on time.

Time management is an essential skill for college students to have.

The school semester seems like such a long time to get assignments in, but it goes by a lot faster than many students think. Sooner than later, students realize that they have that big research paper due for a class and a major project due in another, therefore adding more stress right before final exams.

This is where time management comes in. There are many time management skills., a website that posts jobs available to people, has a list of time management skills:

  1. If students can stay organized, it will help them understand when assignments are due. If students keep a planner with the due dates for assignments marked, it will help a lot.
  2. This is a big one. Students should always prioritize what needs to get done first. Students should figure out what will take them the longest to complete and what will take them the shortest to complete. They should also check due dates to see what assignments need to be completed at what time so they know what to do first.
  3. Goal setting. Having goals throughout a college education is important and it will drive students to do their best. Once students have their goal set, then they can organize and prioritize what needs to get done in order to achieve that goal.
  4. Planning is a major time management skill. If a student writes down what they need to do every day of the week, then that could help get them on a set routine and will help them complete tasks.

The end of the semester can be very overwhelming, but students can tackle it with time management skills.

I have found that keeping a planner has helped tremendously. I write down assignments on the dates they are due and I check it every day, and it really has helped. As long as it’s updated regularly, it really helps.

I usually try to stay ahead in my assignments and try to get things done before the due date. This helps because then I don’t have to worry about doing it at the last second and I can use that time to prepare for tests.

I also do my homework during the week so that I can so whatever on the weekends.