OPINION: Eclipse Release Party: Beacons


On Nov. 25, the organization on the Siena Heights campus known as Eclipse, which is a literary journal that publishes the work of students, had its release party for their 2018-19 issue, revealed as Beacons. The event took place in the Klemm Gallery in Studio Angelico.

The party featured a laid-back feel with refreshments of water, wine, beer, cheese, crackers and some fruit, as well as readings from the event from any who wished to read some of their work. Some of speakers were Anna Short, an English instructor at Siena Heights, Lucas Durling, the editor of Eclipse, and many others.

The readings were interesting and showed a wide array of talents that people held in both the story-telling and poetic side of writing. I enjoyed hearing the works of other people because they were different my own way of writing, and it was interesting to hear the ideas and see the images that other people found interesting.

I also enjoyed that after the event we managed to get some time to chat amongst ourselves before the party ended. It was nice being to discuss the themes and ideas behind their poetry or fiction pieces.

I also found the experience of reading my works to an audience to be enjoyable. Typically, I fear public speaking, but the event was a comfortable environment with people that shared the same interest in writing as I do.

Overall, the event was a nice experience with its laid-back and simple feel. Each poem and story that was read was interesting and unique and showed some of the great talent that the staff and students of Siena Heights University has in store.