COLUMN: Witnessing the Siena Campus Shutdown


On Wednesday, March 11 around 4:30 p.m., Siena Heights students were doing things like working out, homework, eating or watching television when they got a text message on their phones saying, “Classes will begin to go online from March 16 to the 30.”

About 5 minutes after this mass text, students were seen jumping up and down in the hallways of Ledwidge Hall and every building on campus. For the next 8 hours every dorm on campus from Ledwidge all the way to Campus Village had a party going on in it.

Thursday morning, Siena’s parking lots were packed with cars of parents who were basically helping their young sons and daughters basically move all of their stuff out.

Once Friday morning came around, there were really no students on campus besides the athletes who were in season.

Siena was taking every precaution imaginable, to the point where they even canceled spring football along with practice. Later that night Siena canceled all spring sports, even the teams that were in seasons such as women’s lacrosse and indoor track.

By Saturday morning, Siena was basically a ghost town, as there was really no one on campus as just about every student had left. The only people who had to stay on campus were res life and the RAs and a few students.

The bad thing about being on campus is that the cafeteria closed, and students could only go there to get a to-go meal. Even the SHU Shop decided to close for the rest of the year, so that means you cant even get any snacks while you do your online work.

There was one student-athlete who had to stay on campus because of the fact that he is from Florida. The good thing about this student is that he has an apartment off-campus so he can basically quarantine himself.

Siena decided recently to shut down everything.