COLUMN: Protect Yourself and Stay Strong


Many of us are realizing just how serious this pandemic truly is. Mothers, fathers, siblings, caretakers and responsible citizens are all wondering how they can keep themselves healthy so that they can continue to keep the people around them safe.

While health professionals tell us that the best thing to do is avoid the virus by staying home, there are a few precautionary measures that can be taken to strengthen our bodies.

You are what you eat! This may seem obvious, but consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet makes for a healthy body. Harvard Health explains that certain nutrient deficiencies may contribute to poor immune responses. So it is important to consume fruits and vegetables rich in the nutrients your body needs to thrive. Fast food restaurants offering takeout may be enticing, however, it may be wiser to go with healthy alternatives like vegetables and fruit.

A healthy diet is complemented by a regular exercise regimen. Whether it be running, walking, lifting, or crunching any type of movement that works up a sweat will support a strong immune system.

However, it is important to remember your physical limitations and exercise accordingly. Practice responsible exercising habits each day, build up from what you’ve done, and set goals for yourself. This will also keep you occupied in your spare time!

After all of this, at the end of the day, it is important to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep gives the body a chance to repair itself and put all of the exercising and healthy eating to good use.

Additionally, it has been proven that chronic stress can take a toll on your body and weaken your immune system. If you’re feeling stressed, maybe take a break from the news, try meditating, or distract yourself with a hobby that you enjoy.

Harvard Health also suggests that individuals strengthen their immune system by not smoking, drinking in moderation and practicing good hygiene. For more information, visit: