REVIEW: Lion King (2019)


This new Lion King remake is a visual masterpiece. But by being a 90s baby, I have seen both the original Lion King and the newly released remake. This being said, I would pick the original Lion King over the 2019 remake any day.

Compared to the original Lion King, the 2019 remake blows it out of the water, especially when comparing the visuals and CGI animations. But when I want to watch a Disney movie I want to be enchanted by the film. When watching the new Lion King, it didn’t quite feel magical or happily outgoing like Disney movies usually are. A lot of original Disney movies are animated in a cartoon like style with lots of color, appealing to children a lot more than adults.

The new Lion King movie gives off a darker and adult like vibe even with the music included. The remake feels like more of a way for Disney to make money than it is to enchant and captivate people in a magical world. It’s a huge jump from the original sing along movie with the uplifting songs and scenes full of color and excitement.

Lion King was originally released June 24, 1994 as a story about a young lion on an adventure to restore order in the pride lands. It was also about avenging the death of his father, who was killed by his uncle. An adventure movie with death, love and drama for kids and adults alike, worldwide the movie raked in $968.5 million in revenue, a very large sum of money, but nothing compared to the $1.5 billion the 2019 remake achieved in the box office.

Because the new Lion King has been so successful in movie theaters, it makes it the highest-grossing animated film of all time. A huge achievement for the Disney companies and the new Lion King movie itself. But as I have stated before, this newly made remake definitely has its flaws. It follows the same story line as the original film but has a drastic change in visuals, which affects the way the movie is perceived. By the visuals being more realistic, I can’t help but feel it made the movie too serious. A feeling I have never really gotten before from watching a Disney film before.

Even after my dislikes though I would recommend the new Lion King movie to anyone who hasn’t seen it. Although the movie graphics and the tone of the film have changed, it is still a great film, especially because of the quality of the animals. It’s almost scary how real the characters look.

That being said, my final review on the movie would be a 6.5 out of 10. It’s a great movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it but a bit of a disappointment when compared to the original film from 1994.