REVIEW: It 2: The Clown is Back!


Frightening, comedic, and exhilarating. A few words someone might use to describe Andres Muschietti newest creation It 2. It 2 brought a comedic feel and atmosphere to the horror film.

But I felt myself laughing more than I felt my heart pounding from the exhilarating fear of a clown scaring me. My point being that It 2 was not very scary. The movie had its jump scares like any other horror film would but nothing that really surprised me.

The movie included more things that were unsettling or creepy and even more funny than it did scary. I also found myself confused at times about what was going on in the film.

The CGI for the movie was great and the creators made a lot of cool, hellish like characters. I wouldn’t say that they were particularly scary, it just made u feel uncomfortable.

It 2 released on Sept. 6 and is the second of a two-movie series created by Andres Muschietti. The thought of this It clown was originally created by Stephen King and written in a book that was published in 1986.

Then the first It movie was released in 1990 and is now re-written and was recreated in 2017 by Andres Muschietti. A very successful movie bringing in 700 million dollars. It also created a bar though to hit for the second movie. One I think It 2 did not successfully achieve, falling a bit short.

The film was well put together and had amazing graphics. Personally, I wish that the movie had more obstacles for the characters to fight through and was a bit scarier. It just seemed like defeating the clown was way too easy for how dangerous and destructive they make Pennywise out to be.

The final rating: I would give this film would be a 5/10 based on it being a little bit scary, funny, having great graphics, okay to mediocre dialogue and some action.