COLUMN: All About Psychology Club


As a new member of the Psychology Club here at Siena Heights University, I have the inside scoop about the purpose of Psych Club.

Psych Club, like many other clubs, is based around the interest of psychology, while also giving members a community of people that they may interact with.

I like having a community of people that share the common interest of psychology with me, in addition to the community that makes up Psych Club.

Psychology has been an interesting area of study for me for the past couple of years, and I like being able to share my interest with my peers. I also like being able to be a part of something new.

Psych Club is among one of the newer clubs at Siena Heights, but I also like being a part of the club for the new experience. I enjoy being to work with a group of people to create events here at Siena that I am passionate about.

Psych Club is open to all people who would like to join, and you don’t even need to be a psychology major. If you are someone who is interested in joining and would like more information regarding the club, you can contact Xander Buffinger, Psych Club president.

Meetings for the club are held every other Tuesday in Dominican Hall at 7:30 p.m. in the ground floor lobby.