Criminal Justice Club Brings Awareness to the Profession

Criminal Justice is a popular major at Siena Heights that leads to students receiving jobs after graduation protecting the community and their loved ones.

In America, there is an unpopular opinion regarding police officers and their relationships with the community, the Criminal Justice Club’s goal is to bring a positive light to the reputation of criminal justice professionals.

The Criminal Justice Club is to get CJ majors/minors involved in an organization that supports their growth in their designated fields outside of the classroom.  It is also committed to improving the reputation of the profession through interesting events and fundraisers open to the whole Siena Heights University campus.

One fundraiser that is very popular among the community is the Bowl for Blue, which raises money for the local community. The goal is to show many officers are people, too.

The club brings awareness and understanding to the world of CJ professionals. Many students participate in the Bowl for Blue event. While they might just go for the bowling, it helps improve relations between police officers and the community, which is essential for a functional society.

The best advice for someone wanting to make an impact on the university and the community as a whole? Join this organization.