Adopt a Sister Program Connects Students in a Special Way

At the heart of Siena Heights University is its Dominican roots. For years, many have wondered why there was a complete separation between the university itself and the Motherhouse that is next door.

Now the university offers a unique experience where someone can go and have lunch while sharing their life stories between themselves and a nun at the Motherhouse.

According to organizers, the program’s goal is to create a strong connection with the Adrian Dominican Sisters. Students have the option to visit the Motherhouse weekly, every few weeks, or monthly. A student would first attend an ice breaker, then draw a Sister’s name out of a hat, and that will be their Sister.

Events are also hosted throughout the year to promote interaction with the Sisters. This program has offered many the opportunity to see life in a different light, someone who gave their life to God and someone who is devoted to service of others and the practice of Christianity.

How does this program fit into the mission of Siena Heights University?

Well, with the university’s core values of being competent, purposeful, and ethical, this program fit right into that description.

It gives students the true meaning of our ethics when they go and meet with these wonderful people at the Motherhouse. Throughout the years, many great things have been said about the program and how it has helped shape our students for their future encounters with others.

Those who want to get involved on campus while learning the history of the university, this is the organization for you.