COLUMN: Student Government Makes SHU A Better Place

When we hear the word “government” in today’s society, many automatically assume the worst.

But what if someone said that this government isn’t a problem or corrupt? Shocking, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about a form of “government” that actually represents the interests of the population it serves. Let’s talk about Student Government at Siena Heights University.

What is Student Government, and what is its purpose on campus?

Student Government acts as the liaison between Siena Heights University administrators, faculty, staff, students and campus organizations. In a collaborative effort with the University, Student Government promotes a model of citizenship that encourages students to be competent, purposeful, and ethical through a teaching and learning environment.

Student Government helps make positive change on campus while representing the student body very well. Someone can visit representatives of Student Government similarly to office hours with professors, or by appointment made with the specific representative.

Why is this organization important? Student Government helps raise money for the University along with keeping in constant communication with our administrators to try and make this place a better experience for everyone.

Some students have complaints. Best advice someone could take is: BE THAT CHANGE. Talk to a representative, get involved on campus, and make this a better place for everyone.

That’s what Student Government does.