REVIEW: Selena Gomez Makes Her Comeback


On Oct. 22, Selena Gomez released the ballad “Lose You To Love Me” four years since her second solo studio album “Revival.” After seeing it being talked about over social media, top of the ITunes/Spotify/YouTube trending/Apple Music charts, I decided to take a listen.

The track production is stripped back as it starts off with a piano. Gomez then starting to sing softly.

From hearing her past material, I can say that her voice has seemed to improve a lot. The lyrics are personal, and dare I say, a small jab at ex Justin Bieber, who she dated on/off for 10 years. She sings in one verse “in two months you replaced us, in the thick healing, made me think I deserved it” and closing the song with “and now the chapter is closed and done, and now it’s goodbye it’s goodbye to us.”

Watching her Ryan Seacrest interview, she states she wrote it a year ago, though coincidentally it comes out barely a month after Bieber’s official wedding to model Hailey Baldwin (they married in a courthouse in 2018).

The music video was shot on an iPhone in black-and-white fashion in a chair. I thought it was beautifully done as we see the different emotions of Gomez as she sings the chorus “To love love yeah, to love love yeah, to love yeah, I needed to lose you to love me.”

Altogether I would rate it a 9 out of 10.

Feeling the high, the next day Gomez released “Look At Her Now,” doing a complete 180. Though more upbeat, the verses can read/sound off as childish.

She sings “first she was sad now she’s glad she dodged a bullet,” repeatedly “now watch your girl.” And this at the end of that “mmmMmmm” (almost like a CD was scratched up), reminding me of the lyrics she would sing from her teenage years.

Production is also not a favorite the first few listens, as it can be mistaken as an edm track, which is not what it looks like she was going for.

I can see it maybe becoming a grower, though I wouldn’t actively go seek it if it was on a playlist. Again, the chorus, “She knows she’ll find love, only if she wants it, she knows she’ll find love, look at her now yeah” and the production on that section is the best part.

The video, also shot on an iPhone, was in flashing lights/color as she switches between outfits doing choreography. From what Gomez states, she wanted an early 2000s vibe (I call it a reach, but I guess it works). In my opinion, the video makes up for the disappointing track.

Altogether I rate it 6 out of 10.

This is an above-average comeback.  In her interview with Seacrest, she says that she saved the best music for last, and hopefully she does, as I hold her to it.