COLUMN: Derrick Rose A ‘Young Legend


Every athlete has faced an injury at some point in time. Former Chicago Bulls and current Detroit Pistons guard Derrick Rose has a long list of injuries.

As a rookie, Rose was looked at as one of the most powerful and athletic point guards in the NBA. Rose won the Rookie of the Year Award after averaging double

digits every game, which brought the Bulls back to where they were in the past years.

Rose had players like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade giving him kudos that he is headed to being one of the best guards to play the game. However, in just his third year as a professional, Rose suffered a torn ACL. As a fan, it seemed like once Rose came back, he was never the same.

After Rose was back from his first torn ACL injury, he suffered another ACL tear which kept him out of the league for a year-and-a-half.

I think even though Rose has been through a lot throughout his career, he will still go down in the history books. He showed young players that it doesn’t matter how big the college is that you attend, the work that you put in will someday pay off.

Rose is a young legend.