REVIEW: Disney +

REVIEW: Disney +

Disney+ is a new streaming site created by Disney to bring all sorts of movies and old shows. Disney has created movies, shows, and cartoons for ages.

But a lot of these movies have been vaulted up and were not available to the public. However, now that Disney has created this new streaming service, it has all of its old and stored away content available. Movies like the original Lion King are available, and even old cartoons like Steam Boat Willy.

Along with the Disney movies, this new streaming service also includes all of the Marvel movies and Star Wars franchise. The reason is because Disney owns these companies that created these movies.

While at the home screen, you can see the different movie sections they have. Labeled Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars. The app is pretty easy to navigate and works very similar to Netflix.

Disney also bundled a deal with Hulu and ESPN to up its game. With this being said, it puts Netflix’s in a tough situation. In fear of maybe being ran out of business or losing customers, Netflix is now teaming up with Nickelodeon to bring old cartoons and shows to your living room.

This new streaming app is exciting and something new to try. If you’re a Disney lover, or just a Marvel, Star Wars or cartoon fan, you will enjoy this app. You have hundreds of choices, with more to come throughout the coming years.

I really enjoyed the service and encourage other people to try it.