Saints Fall a Point Short to Cornerstone

On Nov. 20, the Siena Heights men’s basketball lost in a close game to the Cornerstone Golden Eagles, 75-74.

The Saints had the lead at the beginning of the first half with a score of 40-37.

Cornerstone’s field goal percentage was 49.0 percent, while the Saints was just 38.1 percent, which is part of the reason why the visitors won the game.

Cornerstone did well from 3-point range as well, shooting 40.0 percent, while Siena shot just 34.8 percent. The Eagles’ top scorers were Christian Rodriguez with 14 points and Tyler Baker with seven.

Siena Heights’ top scorers were seniors DeMarco Dickerson with 13 points and Kevin Smith also with 13 points.

One surprising aspect of the game was the number of turnovers that occurred. Cornerstone had 17 turnovers and Siena had just 11, which normally doesn’t happen because typically the team with fewer turnovers wins.

The Saints take on Ohio Christian Nov. 22 at the Rio Grande Classic.