Indiana Tech Too Much for Saints to Handle

On Saturday, Jan. 25 in Fort Wayne, Ind., the Siena Heights men’s basketball team gave a good effort but was defeated by Indiana Tech 93-77. 

Indiana Tech maintained a double-digit lead the entire time. The Saints really struggled at the beginning of the game, being down at halftime ??.

The Saints were almost able to break the double digit lead. Another thing that was a factor in the Saints falling short was their free throw percentage. Indiana tech shot 54.1 percent while Siena shot just 42.4 percent, which is only about an 11 percent difference but it made a big difference in the long run. 

Siena Heights’ top scorers were Demarco Dickerson (13 points), Kevin Rice (19) and Keith Jordan (23). Rice also had five rebounds and two assists.

The top players for the home team were Mitch Morken (14 points), Josh Kline (16), and Cory Mckinney (24).