If you’re looking for a new SPOT to visit for lunch or dinner, I know the perfect place.

Most people only go here for the ice cream, but I have just discovered that they have really good food as well. This establishment is known as The Spotted Cow. The Spotted Cow has two locations in Adrian, and one of those is right down the road from Siena Heights. 

During my visit, I was very excited to order the burger combo. But when we arrived and ordered it, they said their burger machine was down. So, we ended up ordering the chicken tender sandwich with cheese and ranch. I ordered it as a combo meal, so it came with one side and one drink. I ordered a Dasani water and macaroni and cheese as my side. The person who came with me ordered the same thing, but ordered a Coke as the drink. Although we were disappointed about their burger machine being down, the chicken tender sandwich was very good. 

Aside from food, we also ordered ice cream. You can’t visit The Spotted Cow and not order ice cream. I ordered a cup of the hard chocolate ice cream with sprinkles, and the person I went with ordered a cup of the passionfruit Italian ice. We both really enjoyed our dessert. 

When we arrived, there was not a single car in line. I pulled up and ordered right away. It took some time to get the food out to us, but that was expected. As for the service, the employee was not too friendly, but she was not rude by any means. I would say it was about average.

When we received our food, the employee handed us the ice cream and the bag of food and said “have a good day.” Without thinking, I drove away and did not notice I did not receive my drinks until I had already left. I decided I was not going to go back, so that was unfortunate. 

The price ended up being just over $21. For two chicken sandwiches, two orders of macaroni and cheese, two drinks (even though we didn’t receive them), and two cups of ice cream, $21 is a very reasonable price!  

Finally, the two employees I saw were both wearing masks. I also think it is important to note that there is a sign on the door saying “drive-thru only,” which is most likely due to COVID-19. 

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to The Spotted Cow. If you have never had their food, you should give it a try. I will definitely be returning soon to try the burger! 

Service: 5.5/10 

Wait-Time: 9/10 

Food: 9/10 

Prices: 10/10 

COVID-19 Precautions: 10/10 

Overall Experience: 8.7/10 

The Spotted Cow