Equipment Managers Important Part of Any Team

Siena Heights Athletics

Football is not football without the equipment manager.

The equipment manager is in charge of making sure the players clothes and practice gear is washed and ready to go for practice and weight lifting. They also fix any equipment issues the players may have that includes helmets shoulder pads and more.

The Siena Heights University football equipment managers are very important to the team; it’s like they are on the football team. Not only do they make sure all the gear is washed before every practice and lift, they also record every practice from different angles.

Without them, the players would not have any practice film to look at and get better from. Out of all four equipment managers, Katelyn Taylor has been there the longest. She has been the football equipment manager for four years.

When asked what made her become an equipment manager, Taylor said, “I come from a football family, so football have been around since I was a child. I just wanted to still be apart of football in some way shape and form.”

What does she like most about her job?

“Football is what I’m used to so I just like being around football 24/7 being able to watch practices excite me. I also like traveling with the team going to different cities is amazing,” she said.

So, what made her stay for so long?

“The team make me feel welcome and apart of the family,” she said. “Since I love football so much being welcomed made me want to be apart of the family more. I know I will not be doing this after college so I want to make the most of it now.”