An Interview with SPARC President Kaitlyn Maley

Feature writer Garret Young recently sat down with SPARC President Kaitlyn Maley for an interview.

What is SPARC?

Maley: “SPARC stands for the Student Programming and Recreational Committee. We do the programming side of many of the bigger scale events on campus.”

What goals do you have for the org this year?

Maley: “The goals I have for SPARC this year include getting more member engagement. Since many of our Core Team graduated last year, we are attempting to boost our Team. Another goal I have for SPARC is to adapt to the incoming students and put on events that the freshman and seniors will attend.”

What are some big accomplishments SPARC has done?

Maley; “In the time I have been at Siena, SPARC has brought many acts and events on campus that were out of the box. We bring in a performer from Wild ‘N Out every semester with a couple of the other organizations. We brought a zipline and a mechanical bull which was unheard of until this semester. We have many fun events coming up this year!”

How have you seen the growth of the org while being a member?

Maley: “The growth of SPARC has been so fulfilling. From being on the CoreTeam to now being President, I have seen so many events and so many memories being made by the students who attend our events.”

What inspired you to join SPARC?

Maley: “I was inspired to join SPARC my freshman year because of the people I knew that were on the Executive Board. They explained what events SPARC usually puts on and I wanted to be a part of something that impacts the students.”

What are some of the biggest challenges in SPARC?

Maley: “The biggest challenge SPARC encounters is making events that the majority of the student body wants to see. Not everyone is a Core Team member, even though we would accept all students, so it is difficult to factor in everyone’s opinion on our events.”

What advice would you give an underclassman for joining SPARC?

Maley: “Advice I would give an underclassman who wanted to join SPARC is DO IT! Being able to put on a resume that you were part of a programming board builds your leadership and professional skills. There are so many advantages of being on our CoreTeam and Eboard. As a CoreTeam member they can meet our special guests, get free merchandise, and get priority on all our events and trips. As an Eboard member, we go to NACA which is the National Conference for Campus Activities. NACA is where we see hundreds of acts ranging from comedy to merchandise to famous performers. Being able to be a part of a group that brings smiles and memories to the students who come to our events is the most fulfilling thing I can imagine doing on campus! Be involved with whatever you do and make a legacy for yourself!”