Pride Club Growing in Numbers on Campus

About the acceptance and growth of society and nurturing of SHU students, the Pride Club is a growing club on campus.

The goal of the organization is to create a safe and supportive environment at Siena Heights University for the LGBTQ community, their allies and anyone open to acquiring new perspectives about the LGBTQ community. While this club is focused on embracing their students, looking at the organization’s Facebook page, they do a wonderful job raising awareness of the LGBTQ community nation-wide rather than one specific area.

Last year, the organization had eight active members, and this school year, that number has risen to 25 active members.

This organization also won Most Outstanding Social Program at the student awards ceremony last spring. One major emphasis of the organization is raising awareness throughout society rather than one specific community. Dylan Barron, president of the organization, runs this group and has been given constant praise for his efforts on behalf of this group.

According to the Pride Club, someone doesn’t have to be part of the LGBTQ community to advocate for the rights of an individual. State and federal governments have stepped up their efforts advocating for the rights of members in the LGBTQ community.