REVIEW: ‘Necessary Targets’

REVIEW: 'Necessary Targets'

‘Necessary Targets’ is an amazing written show about five women in a Bosnian refugee camp and how their lives were completely turned upside down by the war happening.

Revealing each of their dipper secrets, hidden in isolation, and trauma. The play gives you a different insight. It shows you the side of the people really affected by the war.

It also shows that everyone had a life before the war. They had regular lived full of dreams, family and everyday things we do.

The play was only female characters, but I feel that doing this gave the audience a deeper connection to the story. I felt myself slowly forgetting my surroundings and focusing on how the actors were expressing themselves through these characters of war, giving me chills when they acted out things like their bone chilling screams.

Also, by being in a small area like the Stubnitz Lab Theater makes you feel closer to the actors, physically and mentally.

Theatre Siena also did a great job creating different scenes without really leaving set or changing set pieces around. Even though the play is a touchy subject and is a little more graphic verbally than other plays, I think something like this should be watched and presented.

It is graphic, but that’s the truth behind it. We try to shield ourselves from things like this, but the truth is, stuff like this happens more than we probably think. However, nobody knows about it because the news or media thinks people are too sensitive, which might be true to a point, but things like this are real, and we don’t know it.

It was real for those girls.