Dominican Young Adults Club Lifts Up Community

Siena’s Dominican Young Adults Club, or known as DYA, focuses on making the club a space for all. It emphasizes the four pillars of the Dominican charism: prayer, preaching, study and community.

DYA’s goal is to lift up the community, focus on the four pillars and spread love everywhere that they go. COVID has affected the community aspect of the four pillars, but during this time the leaders of this club said they have done their best to make people physically comfortable and safe, as well as emotionally secure during their events.

“I have had to figure out how to navigate what to do so everyone feels comfortable, safe, welcome and loved,” said DYA President Rochelle Chezick.

Chezick said DYA is working on having a Bible study sometime in the near future, and they also want to put on fun activities like scavenger hunts. DYA is a safe place for everyone and they are always looking for new member, according to Chezick.

“It’s easy to get involved! Shoot myself or the amazing VP, Marysa Prettyman, an email to join!” Chezick said.