REVIEW: iPhone 12

REVIEW: iPhone 12
The Apple iPhone 12 was recently released, and many Apple users have had some mixed reactions to the new device.
This iPhone comes in five different colors as well as two different sizes. Apple users can purchase their new iPhone 12 in the original or mini size as well as choose between white, blue, red, black, or green.
Apple has marketed this new iPhone as a blast from the past, as the phone has the shape as an older model that they had once released.
The original iPhone 12 come in a 6.4 inch screen display, whereas the Mini is 5.4 inches in screen display.
This camera is expected to be Apple’s best yet, with wider cameras and also a newly released night mode option.
Another positive to this phone is that it has a ceramic shield that gives it four times better drop performance.
While there are many positives to this iPhone 12, many users are upset at the fact that when you purchase the iPhone 12, you will no longer receive headphones or a charging plug like Apple typically has included.
The main thought is that with the iPhone 12 costing about $829 (as the basic model), purchasing the $599 iPhone 11 is a better option because both devices have many of the same features.
Overall, if you are an iPhone user due to camera and you are looking to take photos, then the iPhone 12 does have better cameras included compared to the already impressive iPhone 11 cameras. If you are looking for a decently priced, well made phone, then you may have better luck with the iPhone 11.