REVIEW: Flames


While we were all excited to see the queen of pop punk return, it was not on her own. Kicking off the year with a hit song Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne delivered a memorable song and performance. Flames, written by Lavigne, Derek Smith and John Feldmann, sung by Sun and Lavigne, is off of Sun’s forthcoming album.

It was not a big surprise when the hit single dropped on Jan. 8, as both Sun and Lavigne confirmed the singles release on Jan. 1, on top of previously hinting at collaborating together through their social media. They have also confirmed working with Machine Gun Kelly on some future upcoming projects.

The song lyrics just by themselves make for an instant connection between the listener and the song. When the music video was released, it was the icing on the cake. Both the song and the video highlight the best qualities of each artist.

Starting out with Lavigne taking the lead with an acoustic style sound and Sun coming in hard with the upbeat music, it tricks listeners in the beginning and gives a shock of energy when the music picks up. While continuously mixing the two styles together throughout the song giving it a unique sound that keeps you wanting more.

In the music video, you get a glimpse at the many talents that Lavigne and Sun have. Not only are they talented at singing but Lavigne is shown playing the guitar and later the piano while Sun plays the drums, showcasing their many talents and the work they put into Flames.

I really enjoy the song and feel that it holds a deeper meaning than what people realize. The only problem I have with it is that at some points in the song it sounds as though Sun’s vocals over power Lavigne’s. This is not something the artist can physically control with their voices. I feel as though the mixing of the vocals and music could have used a bit of adjusting so that it doesn’t seem like Lavigne is struggling to be heard.

The lyrics of the song are simple and vague. “I still burn for you,” could mean and refer to anything or anyone. What I got from listening to the song and watching the video is that the song is referring to the struggles of being an artist. They still want to create music and love what they do, but it can take a toll on you. Music is their passion, it gives them life, but the judgement and prying eyes is not something they enjoy.

I could be completely wrong about the song’s meaning. But that’s the beauty in music and art: that it’s open for interpretation. I feel this song is something that anyone and everyone can relate to no matter what type of genre may be your favorite.

Sun and Lavigne created something magical, and this will most likely not be the last time we see this duo perform a song together. That being said, if you haven’t heard Flames, or even if you have, head over and give it a good listen. I promise you won’t be disappointed.