Centennial Edition: Hall of Fame Earns A Spot in Legacy Room


Siena Heights’ Legacy Room contains history throughout the 100 years that the university has been operating.

There is so much history in one small room. At any college or university, athletics is a big part of the experience. Siena Heights has an area in the Legacy Room that is dedicated to athletics, and right next to it, there is an area dedicated to the Hall of Fame.

Being inducted to the Hall of Fame is a huge deal, and Siena’s Hall of Fame has many inductees. The mission statement for Siena’s Hall of Fame is “The purpose of the Siena Heights University Athletic Hall of Fame is as follows: to recognize former athletes who have distinguished themselves in intercollegiate athletics at Siena Heights University either by their performance on athletic teams during their undergraduate years. Or by their strong leadership in their profession in the years following graduation, or by meritorious service in behalf of the athletic program at Siena Heights University.”

There are athletes in there who played basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, golf and track and field. In the area dedicated to the Hall of Fame, there is a television screen playing a slideshow of photos of sports teams, as well as individual photos of inductees. Having this in the Legacy Room is a great way to honor those who are in the Hall of Fame.

While there are many athletes in the Hall of Fame, there are also some inductees who are in there for administration. According to the athletic department, there are nine people who were inducted for administration.”

When people think of a Hall of Fame, they may think of just athletes belonging in there, but at Siena Heights, there is more than just athletes in there. The Hall of Fame is a way for Siena Heights to identify its great student-athletes and administration, and for it to be included in the Legacy Room is a huge honor to the inductees.